Ubiquitous Nightmare Balm is a new multi-media series employing foraging in urban southern Ontario landscapes to manifest emergent images of life in Canada within the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unable to photograph widely during lockdowns and and other public health measures during the pandemic, drawing daily with materials found outdoors with my children became a meditative practice that advanced my mental health and my artistic practice.

Curious about the deep purple of Thicket creeper berries we found in an alleyway, I began to collect and process the wavering orange of Climbing nightshade berries, the red-pink of Common barberries, the green depths of Buckthorn berries and other pigment sources.

I extract ink from these materials to visualize new depictions of the evolving psychic terrain between fantasy and reality we exist within today.

This core set of drawings intersects with digital photographs documenting the landscapes I forage within and further drawn explorations that re-articulate contemporary news texts in the expressions of the Eramosa River watershed ecology I exist within.

Recently developed and edited with acclaimed photographer Diana Markosian during her ICP workshop Re-Writing the Personal.

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