Dr. Andy Robinson's donkey farm for The Globe and Mail

David Campion delivers a birthday brunch order to a regular Revel customer at her home on May 22, 2021. For The Globe and Mail.

Strategy meeting photographed for the Wellington Water Watchers, November 2019

Wellington Water Watchers AGM, November 2020

River Watcher Ian on the Red River, photographed for the Ottawa Riverkeeper, June 2016

A pro-life activist hands a pro-choice activist clothing to cover up as they clash during the annual National March for Life in Ottawa on May 9, 2013.

A lipstick kiss left on the door of The Bosman Hotel, a street to home housing site participating in the landmark At Home/Chez Sois federal study on Housing First solutions to homelessness. For The Type, 2012

Kris Martens baptizes Soleil Wilding on Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, in 2011. For The Walrus. 

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