In the spring of 2018, Guelph food entrepreneur Mike Schreiner became the first Green Party candidate to be elected to represent an electoral riding in the province of Ontario. To anyone aware of Guelph's reputation as a city characterized by environmentalism, Schreiner's win might seem unremarkable. However, his election was seen locally as a new chance to finally bring strategies for environmental progress that had once been viewed as marginal into the dialogues of the mainstream progessive movement. What, though, ultimately constitutes the local legacy of regional environmental stewardship that led to Schreiner’s landmark election in Guelph? How will regional landscapes of the riding and the lives that inhabit them transform during his tenure? Began when I moved back to the city in 2018 after living across the country for more than a decade, Green Riding documents the complex, shifting relationships between people and the environment in taking place in the city.

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